hat does a blind girl see when she dreams?

Twelve-year-old Addie's father runs a Vaudeville theater. But because she is blind, the world of footlights and laughter, song and magic is a world of darkness...not just of her blindness, but of loneliness as those closest to her seem to draw away. Addie's world is becoming empty.

Until he steps into it.

He is known as a freak, billed as Jo-Jo the Dog-Faced Boy and forced by his heartless manager to perform a demeaning stage routine. But to Addie, he is a fellow misfit who fills her with tales of a lost kingdom, where happiness is never taken away. When she is with him hope and laughter and closeness come back into Addie's life.

But Jo-Jo too is taken from her.

Not willing to give up the joys found in a kindred spirit, Addie sets off alone into the night to find Jo-Jo and help him regain his kingdom.

Join Addie as she discovers Jo-Jo's Kingdom, and the new friends, new wonders, and new dangers that await her there.

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