VFX Treasures

This was a Programming Block Graphics Package done for the Family Channel in 1989.If I were to do this today I could have created it all here on my desktop. But back then we needed a whole studio full of expensive video equipment with a bunch of expert technicians and artists.

The project was done for DIC enterprises. I enlisted the help of producer Tom Grericke and the brilliant mind of Alan Battino for the storyboards. Assembly was done with the team at Unitel Video.

I designed and created the character of Zak, the mayor of Funtown, and did much of the background art.This is a restored up-rez version, cleaner than you've ever seen it before.FUN FACT: Grab a pair of sunglasses and watch this video with the dark sunglass lens over your LEFT eye only. You will discover that the animation becomes Stereoscopic 3D!!!!! (in scenes with horizontal movement anyway.)