VES Interview
Snow Dogs Second Unit
On the Snow Dogs Set
Tim Gone Wild
Pirates in Pirates
Commemorative art for Mexico shoot
In Germany
Dream Team
Tim as Marcie
The Peak in Hong Kong
Tim and Nana
Gussied Up
Tim and Emmy
Tim and Mauriene at Emmys
Tim and Sheldon
Tim and Bon with Buck Rogers Models
On the set of Natural Enemies with 10,000 bees
Tim and Tiger Lilly
Tim and Rex
Tim and Ben
Corporate headshot for Dream Quest
Tim and Muppets
An Officer and a Duck
When in Tokyo...
This enchanted castle bites
Tim and Stasha
Lunch with the Team
Beastly Dreams
View from the Top
Tim edits Astroliner
Directing "Rhythm of the City" spot
With Ron Seawright
Artist Tim
Astroliner art
Shooting Astroliner
Wedding Tintype
Tim Joins MPC
Tim at Dream Quest
Tai the Elephant
Tim with Chariots
Train Man
Yellow Submarine
Hall of Presidents
Soaring Sponsorship Painting
Soaring credit board
Soaring Marquee
Eiffel Tim
Tim and Jackie Chan
Pirate Tim
Promo Postcards
Loop Article
Tim and Walt
Camera Club
Thar be Pyrates
Awards rolling in.
Projecting in Peter Pan
Martian TIm
Junket Report
In Neverland
On the set of Byte the Bullet.
Tim and Sheldon
Our Family 1983
At the VES awards
Shooting miracles
T Shirt Design
Tim and Christopher Lee
Sixth Sense Ad
You Can Fly
Snow White Adventures
Tim in the Dark
More Snow
Adding atmospheric effects
Mystic Manor Opening Day
3D Promotional Calendar
Mexico Shoot
George in Hawaii
Actors on Tai the Elephant
Cabbages Award
Bay Bridge TIm
Uphill Climb
View from the Top
Bird Lovers
Variety Ad
A scene from Byte the Bullet
Shooting Byte the Bullet
Cabbages Film Festival Bits
Caterpillar Tim
CBS Fellowship
Production of Chapter 21
Cookie Breath
The Crow Flies
Crow Ad
Dream Cruise
Dream Quest Art Department
Self Promo postcard
Pirate Tim again
Emmy Buddies
Another promo Postcard
On Set for Golden Dreams
Golden Dreams Premiere
Tim and Rover
Tim and RIck
Imagineer Tim
Peter Pan
The Beauty crew visits Soaring
Grizzly Gulch
Tim and Belle
Order of the Fez
Cinemagique in Paris
America Sang
Tempest in a wading pool.
Second unit on Moses
All tubed up
Tim and Larry
First Trip to London
Richard Taylor